The Compleat* Voice®


You have a voice. Perhaps it is a speaking voice or a singing voice—a voice filled with laughter and compassion, full of spirit. Perhaps it is all of those things. And, like your fingerprint, it is uniquely yours. When you are present in your body, your inner world is nurtured. You, then, are able to communicate with your true voice—your compleat voice®. Your innate power—your breath—will support you in using sound to express with a language that is clear and authentic, inspiring others to do the same.


Without the body, there is no life. Every living thing that breathes has a body. Breath is the gateway to bringing life’s energy into the body.

Breath connects us to ourselves, to each other, to the Source of all being. Without the body and the breath, there is no possibility to have a voice. The body and the breath are the foundation and grounding rod for the voice. Every voice gets produced by its own unique body.


Sound is energy. Sound is powerful energy. There is no sound without the body.

There is no sound without breath. Breath supports the voice. The voice makes sound by riding the breath through the vocal chords.

There are many ways we use sound to express ourselves. We speak, we sing, we clap, we laugh, we cry, we groan, we moan, we hiss, we purr, we shriek, we howl, we hiccup and…. Every body has its own unique sound.


Spoken language allows the voice to communicate with structured sounds. I love the unique structure, cadence, inflection, rhythm and music in the languages of different cultures. Every voice has its own unique language.

*“Of or characterized by a highly developed or wide-ranging skill or proficiency.”