Other Voices

        “For years I sang. For years I noticed fabulous voices. For years, I aspired to grow mine. Then I heard a profound change in a music colleague’s voice, and asked her what had happened. Her answer: “Awilda Verdejo.”
        Our introduction was the beginning of a most extraordinary journey. One that has asked me to be present, to go deeper, to connect with my body, and to become generous with what I feel and communicate.
        As a business executive, I considered Awilda because of her credentials. But ultimately I keep returning because of her essence and her undeniable insight—her ability to engage me, and know exactly what I need the moment I enter the room, to grow me, and to equip me to return to the world, better—with ever more to offer.  There is no other like her.     
Sue Nixon, co-founder

        “I had been singing seriously for six years.  I came to Awilda following two years of working as a professional chorister with the Seattle Opera company. I thought of myself as a competent musician with a strong but not beautiful bass-baritone voice...a little insecure at the top, a problem I wanted to fix. The first lesson, she looks up from the piano and says very clearly and quietly "I want you to relax now...we're going to try something a little different. I want you to sing 'Amazing Grace' in the smallest, easiest way you can. Don't judge it...just see what happens." She played. I sang. The voice I heard sounded so alien yet so familiar...so vulnerable and weak. Unexpectedly my heart broke on the spot. I could barely finish. "Now," she said, "that's your real voice. I know you'll have trouble believing this, but this is where your strength lies. This is the place we're going to work from." I weep as I remember. I relearned how to sing. I met parts of myself I had forgotten. Awilda would tell me I had everything I needed...that I was enough. I finally learned to believe her. Now the work is not to forget.”
Eric Johnson, Owner Lyric Johnson Construction Company

        “In one hour, Awilda banished the defeats of fifteen years of classical voice training in NYC. In one hour, she stripped away my anxieties about my need to take frequent breaths. In one hour, she restored my confidence in being able to effortlessly produce those intimidating high notes.  In one hour, Awilda made it possible for me, for the first time, to sing a solo public performance entirely without fear. How did she do that? Step into her voice studio—and sing.”                                   
Leigh Dean, Author and Editor

        "As a shy person, I spent much of my life minimizing my voice in the world—it was simply too intimidating to do otherwise. This old pattern of withholding has gracefully and peacefully fallen away in my work with Awilda. With patience, compassion, and an impeccable ability to 'know' an individual's voice, we have worked in partnership to 'unearth' my true voice and hence my very being.
        In the past 15 months, the transformations in my life have been profound. Through Awilda's teaching, I am firmly grounded in being a buoyant and inspiring spirit to those around me. As one woman recently left a rather rigorous yoga class, she stated "I've had many teachers and this is the best class I've ever taken. With your voice and clear instruction I was able to do postures I have been too afraid to try in the past."
Nancy Sears, Yoga Instructor

        “This is how powerful Awilda's energy is felt: the workshop description in and of itself had me immediately saving the dates! And then, what I found most incredible about The Female Voice workshops, is that I ultimately found more than I was searching for: I found an unexpected and instantaneous manifestation of beauty in myself that was not only through my voice, but  through the beautiful new relationships with the women in the workshops . Awilda Verdejo is powerful and gentle, knowledgeable and innocent all at once, offering guidance and reflection that brings out our most powerful selves. I'm so grateful for you Awilda!”
Barbie-Danielle DeCarlo, World Music Director, KBCS 91.3fm

        “Awilda Verdejo’s The Female Voice and Sexuality Workshop series gave me a connection to a place inside that I did not know existed—a connection not only for my voice but for my life.  She took us on the journey to that connection gradually—so creatively, so lovingly.  It is not a path that I, for one, could have taken in one straight shot.  I needed all three workshops.  Each workshop was a series of stepping stones that Awilda had us walk using lectures, stories, music, and exercises done with the incredible group of women attracted to each workshop.  We continued the walk by taking home a treasure trove of tools and references for further growth.  Each session built on the one before. Trusting Awilda to lead me on these stepping stones has forever changed from where I sing and, more importantly, what the Voice is that sings, speaks, and creates through me.”
Kathy Todd, Manager